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Ecologically Safe and Environmentally Friendly

When using our Green Clean products and solutions with our Green Clean custom designed machinery, clients achieve dramatic results that last for longer periods of time. Results prove that cleaning levels are sustained three to four times longer than other products or technologies available.  

Obtain exceptional appearances in carpet, upholstery and flooring surfaces. Enhanced cleaning capabilities reduces the frequency of cleanings, extends the life of carpet and flooring, reduces wear and improves the appearance of flooring for substantially longer periods of time.  

The Green Clean Solution DOES NOT:

  • Contain any soap or detergent.
  • Contain any solvents or VOCs.
  • There are NO enzymes or bacteria.
  • There are NO fragrances or dyes.
  • NO bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide.

The Genius Behind Green Clean Technology, “Soil Release”  and “Soil Removal”

The Green Clean solution uses a proprietary “Low Moisture” technology that literally causes organic material to separate and fall away from carpet fibers leaving them residue free. The Green Clean product dissolves and removes the following from all flooring surfaces:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Tar
  • Grease
  • Mud
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Juice Stains
  • Blood
  • Foot traffic soiling
  • Urine and human waste
  • Food and Protein-based stains

Our “Quick-Dry Technology” – “QDT”  

Up until now cleaning services have utilized steam cleaning, bonnet, encapsulation or other detergent-based cleaning processes. The problem with these techniques is that carpeting will remain wet, and leave a shampoo/detergent residue that causes immediate resoling after cleaning, for extended periods of time. 

“Green Clean” technology is unique because it allows us to not just remove, but actually restore and organically revitalize the original appearance of carpeting. Our “Low Moisture” process is so revolutionary when our service professionals complete their job the carpet  is dry immediately. 

By eliminating “over-wetting” which is common and typical of these other service applications the Green Clean process reduces browning, shrinkage, and carpet delaminating from the carpet backing.

“Quick-Dry” Low Moisture Technology Saves Time and Money

With the elimination of “over-wetting” through the use of the Green Solution product and Multi Purpose Fast Track Cleaning Machine, clients can clean during “normal business hours” reducing the cost of overtime for cleaning crews and related expenses. Green Clean further reduces “indirect cleaning service costs” by eliminating completely or significantly reducing overtime payroll and the need for strict and rigorous scheduling and security monitoring

Eliminate Carpet “Wicking”

No more stains – ever. Incredible, but true. Imagine time worn and heavy pedestrian traffic carpeting stained and soiled can finally be cleaned and restored to that newly installed look. You’ve tried everything to revitalize your carpet and other flooring surfaces. But nothing works, that is, until now. 

Green Clean’s organic ecologically-safe proprietary solution composition literally dissolves and removes dirt stains and soil from carpeting. And, equally as importantly our “low moisture technology”  leaves the carpet dry virtually immediately. We have eliminated the return of stains that appear and/or reappear in the same spots.  No more stains returning– ever!

The very nature of our technology insures that no matter how long a stain has been down or what the nature of the soiling is, The Stains will not come back.

The Facts are In: Green Clean Wins Carpet Cleaning Comparison Tests  Across the Board

By comparison, factual evidence through years of research and testing show that the Green Clean method of carpet cleaning, while it is a quick drying process far exceeds the cleaning results achieved by other recognized and premiere cleaning services, such as: truck mounted steam cleaning, or  “double process” shampoo and extraction cleaning. The Green Clean method is a quicker, cleaner, drier and more effective method of cleaning, leaving your carpets looking better for a longer period of time with far less re-soiling than any other method currently available.